19 September

Yes officer, There is a car infront of my house just blasting music

Yes, I know I said i locked the cage but it got out anyway!


Series Follow the white rabbit part of an exhibition called Like Minded hosted by Kelderman en van Noort (Eindhoven) and Opperclaes (Rotterdam)

19 September


My participation for the final KSAT exhibition after their europe tour at Galerie Oberkampf .
Shout out to Martina Margini and Yasmine Tashk!

01 September

Last week I got to paint with friends from Den haag at cafe de Vinger. It was a lot of fun!

01 August

I made a one of a kind poster for Cinerama, to promote the new Sin city 2 A dame to kill for movie!

30 June

Grace copy

I was raised by television, was my graduation project at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy. You can also buy a print here supported by Beeldragers Amsterdam

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24 June


I made a poster for what the fuck Rotterdam

13 April

Unofficial Promo-vid for the Nacht van Cinerama, co directed with Remty Elenga

06 February

Bij deze presenteer ik voorstelling tien een platform in het film theater Cinerama .